Bamsped International Ltd. is the UK marketing arm of Bamex.

Quality control is independently carried out by Bamex Q.C. personnel during the whole process.
The Largest importer of Turkish citrus into U.K. The citrus season starts in September with lemons followed by Red Grapefruits in October. Satsumas and Oranges in November & December. Novas, Minneolas and Grapefruit varieties to continue until July...

Bamex prepacked satsumas on the shelf of a major UK supermarket
Main customers are major supermarkets chains, prepackers and leading wholesalers in the U.K, Benelux and France. Bamsped port office at the port of Sheerness ensures full Q.C and logistics control.

Bamsped in London
62-65 Link House,
New Covent Garden Market,
London SW8 5PA
Tel: 00 44 (0) 207 720 6499
Fax: 00 44 (0) 207 720 6599
Contact: R.Emrah Mulayim
Munir Almaz

Best lemons ready to go....
Bamsped in Sheerness,
cool store compound sheerness docks,
Sheerness, Kent
ME 12 RX
Contact: Chris Buckingham